Hello. My name is Jason Coward.

I am co-founder & lead architect of MODX

MODX is a blank canvas for your creative vision. Power anything today—from responsive HTML5 websites to a mobile CMS for native iOS or Android apps—and whatever comes next. MODX fits your needs without compromise … not the other way around.

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Developed from the technology behind MODX Cloud's snapshot features, Teleport is an extensible scripting toolkit that features some very powerful packaging tools for creating distributions of all or part of a MODX site.

Finding Your Way without Wayfinder

I knew there had to be a simple, efficient, and effective way to build nested menus using getResources instead of Wayfinder, and I finally figured out a way. With this discovery, I'll likely never use Wayfinder again.

Great Egret

A Great Egret enjoys an afternoon fishing on the shores of Toledo Bend Reservoir in East Texas.

A New View of Taos

I have a wonderful new view of Taos and the mountains look stunning this cold December afternoon, topped with snow and a healthy veil of clouds.