Hello. My name is Jason Coward.

I am co-founder & lead architect of MODX

MODX is a blank canvas for your creative vision. Power anything today—from responsive HTML5 websites to a mobile CMS for native iOS or Android apps—and whatever comes next. MODX fits your needs without compromise … not the other way around.

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Keeping MODX Relevant—Part Two

What success MODX has achieved over the past ten years is, in my opinion, entirely due to two core tenets that the community has always stood behind. Those ideals are modularity and extensibility.

Keeping MODX Relevant—Part One

It’s been over 10 years since Ryan, Raymond, and myself founded the MODX CMS project and a lot has changed in the world of both content management and web development in that time.


Developed from the technology behind MODX Cloud's snapshot features, Teleport is an extensible scripting toolkit that features some very powerful packaging tools for creating distributions of all or part of a MODX site.

Finding Your Way without Wayfinder

I knew there had to be a simple, efficient, and effective way to build nested menus using getResources instead of Wayfinder, and I finally figured out a way. With this discovery, I'll likely never use Wayfinder again.