Great Egret

A Great Egret enjoys an afternoon fishing on the shores of Toledo Bend Reservoir in East Texas.


The amazing sunsets of northern New Mexico provide plenty of outlets for my obsession with the colors of dusk. The late summer and early fall sunsets have been anything but disappointing this year, even with my recent move 1000 feet down from El Salto into the hidden valley of Valdez.

Introducing Cosmic Dog

Since last October, I've been rehearsing with a band that calls itself Cosmic Dog here in Taos, New Mexico. I believe Chris Burton's original music, which will make a public debut 9pm Friday, April 15th at the Midtown Lounge in Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico, is amazing. I'm more excited than I think I have ever been playing his incredible variety of original songs.

The Snow Line Approacheth

As the cloud ceiling receded off of El Salto this afternoon, they revealed the encroaching snow line on Taos Mountain. Less than 1500 feet above me, the reality that winter is almost here is setting in.