Cosmic Dog debuts at Midtown Lounge


And ironically, The Los Lonely Boys just happen to playing at the KTAO Solar Center the night of Cosmic Dog's debut performance. I grew up in San Angelo with Henry, Jojo, and Ringo. I remember playing with Delbert Snook and the Boogiemen at a place known as "The Rock Bar" many years ago, and the three of them walked in with their father. They sat in that afternoon, and even in their early teens, the talent was obvious. I had no idea their future success would be this great, and I am glad for them.

Friday, April 15th — 9pm to Midnight

So if the Los Lonely Boys show is over too early for you, or you couldn't get tickets, come over to the recently renovated Midtown Lounge in Arroyo Hondo, where the old Herb's was. Give Cosmic Dog a listen and let us know what you think. You might just like it!