We're finally below the snow line

…and Spring emerges in Taos

A crisp, clear Spring morning looking southwest over Taos from El Salto.

The forecast Thursday and Friday night for Arroyo Seco, NM called for a chance of snow. After some hail storms and steady rain Thursday afternoon and evening, Friday morning started with some rain, but no frozen stuff. Saturday morning revealed the snow line just a few hundred feet above our place, but we managed to avoid snow in mid-May here on upper El Salto Road.

I love the glimmer of the Aspen leaves in the morning sun. Amazing.

Though not exactly balmy outside this week, today has warmed into the lower-70's, which I consider perfect. So I ventured out to El Salto Falls this morning, hiking a few side trails along the way. The Aspens are blooming along with everything else, providing an almost golden green shimmer to the mountain-side.

I didn't get any good photos of the falls this morning; the light was still behind the falls and none of the photos came out like a I wanted. But some great spring landscapes have been added to the El Salto gallery. I hope they share at least some of the peace and humility I feel when experiencing these moments high above Taos.