Or perhaps now the last remnants of snow are finally melting away

The view out my office window around 8am April 30th, 2010

Winter is indeed having trouble letting go of the Sangre de Cristos here in northern New Mexico. It began snowing Thursday afternoon and I woke up yesterday morning, April 30th mind you, to an inch of the frozen stuff, and it continued for most of the day. It's melting quickly today, and to be honest, wasn't much of a nuisance to me, but I think the Taos valley is ready for spring to win this conflict that's been waging all of April.

The view out my office window around 11am April 30th, 2010

Like I said though, it doesn't bother me; I moved here to escape the 100+ temperatures that plagued San Angelo, and to experience snow again. And the beginning of the week saw some beautiful days, with temperatures near perfect in the upper 60's anyway. I think I'm probably going to have to go for a hike today and snap some pictures of the mountains before even the snow recedes from the peaks for the coming summer.